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{December 1, 2009}   15 minutes of fame

I like to keep an eye on my blog stats, especially where people come from and what terms they use to search. What can I say? I’m interested in how people look for and find things; that’s one of the reasons I became a librarian.

This post has always been at the top of my hit list, holding steady at a few hits per week, but today I noticed an unusual amount of recent hits and a new referring link.

That’s right: my post is required reading for a graduate-level class in information organization (taught by Candy Schwartz, no less!).  I think the course outline is well-rounded and addresses many of the issues I’ve described in that post and others since. I have no idea if my post is useful or used as some sort of discussion springboard for rebuttal, but if it’s helping students think about things in a new way, I’m glad.

I gotta say, though, it is a bit weird to see one of your blog posts cited formally, especially alongside Chan, Taylor, and the DDC itself! That’s some seriously intimidating company!

{August 1, 2009}   Dear journal editors,

Dear journal editors,

Please do not take almost a year to read and review my manuscript and then ask for a revision in six weeks. I understand the level of cat-herding that must be involved in the peer-review process, and do not fault you for your length in responding. However,  you can’t for a minute believe that it would take such significantly less time to actually do work on the paper than to simply read it and offer a few comments, can you?


Someone who has other things to do with her time in the next 6 weeks

et cetera