From the catalogs of babes

I’m the (unfashionable) cataloger at a fashion and design school library. I only recently finished my MLIS (May 2008). I’m a “babe in the woods” of the profession, but I believe I have the possibility of wisdom.

The nature of information is changing so rapidly that cataloging often lags behind. I believe that many rules and traditions of cataloging are due for an upgrade. I may be young and inexperienced. Some of my ideas may not be feasible. But at least I have them. At least I’m trying.

The standard disclaimer about my opinions being my own and not that of my employer apply, of course. Because if my opinions refelcted those of my employers, I probably would be off implementing most of my crazy ideas instead of just sitting here blogging about them.

Comments are moderated, but only for the purposes of spam blocking, and I will never knowingly block or censor any comments, even ones with disagreements. The first time you post a comment, it will need to be approved. After your first comment has been approved, future comments should post without moderation. I do try my very best to post a reply to all comments (with the exception of those posted by my significant other or my mom).

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