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{December 18, 2008}   Re/Blogging

Starting a blog is like recataloging a collection. You have to do it while the collection is still small, otherwise it becomes so large that it would be impossible to ever cover every piece of material.

I’ve had things to write about for a while. First, it was just one or two ideas for blog posts, but I didn’t have the time that day and thought I’d do it later. Then it became three or four, and I started writing a list of topics for when I would find the time to sit down and write. Then the list become six things, then ten, and it was so daunting to sit down and deal with them all. As time passed, some topics became outdated or changed. I spent a lot of time debating whether I should include these professional topics in my personal blog. I thought about setting up a new, professional blog on my website and futzed around with that for a while before deciding it wasn’t the route I wanted to go. And of course, there were always pesky things like work and family and travel getting in the way, until my collection of ideas just became too overwhelming to address.

I spend a lot of time reclassifying the collection at the library where I work. It’s a combination of migrating to DDC22, which had some changes that affected historical/geographical treatment of some of the arts, which is the significant majority of our collection, and correcting mis-classification errors instituteed by non-catalogers in the past. It’s not a huge collection–some 50,000 items, about half of which are books. Yet, since the time I started working there, it’s almsot doubled in size, and I feel like it’s already getting too big to efficiently reclassify. I try to take it one section at a time. So far I’ve covered fashion design (746.92), knitting (746.432), painters and painting (750s) and photography (770s). Yesterday I started architecture (720s). I’ve been putting off industrial/applied design (745) and interior design (747) becuase they’re some of the largest sections in the library and need a lot of work. But I’ll have to do them eventually, and the more I put it off, the larger the sections become. The only way I get through it is to break them down into chunks, and, as our book processor always says, work “one book at a time.”

Blogging is the same way. I can’t beat myself up over the dozens of post ideas I never wrote. But I do need a place ready and waiting for when I have something to say. I don’t guarantee it will be good. My ideas won’t always work. But I’m tired of not having any reasonable means of putting them out there. One idea at a time.


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