From the catalogs of babes

The other day I heard and ad on the radio that caught my ear: apparently Emergen-C “makes you feel so good you’ll want to reinvent the Dewey Decimal System.” Wanna hear it, too?

  1. Go here:
  2. Scratch your head and wonder why people still love to use Flash.
  3. Click on “Good Ads” in the left side column.
  4. Under where it says “Radio Spots,” click on “Librarians.”
  5. Laugh!
  6. Ponder a bit about how designing this site with Flash has all but eliminated any chances Emergen-C might have had for that ad to go viral because of the inability to access a direct link.
  7. Laugh some more!

Can I get a round of Emergen-C for all the catalogers out there? It’s on me.

et cetera