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{July 13, 2010}   delayed ALA recap

Yeah, yeah, I know. ALA was over weeks ago and probably most people have forgotten about it and moved on by now. I wasn’t even going to mention it, since I don’t really have all that much to say–I spent most of my time being a DC tourist and seeing the city and the museums and the monuments. Now that I’ve got that out of my system, I’m prepared to come back to DC again for the next conference (since it does seem to be a hot location for such things).

I had a really hard time just getting into the ALA conference mindset this year. I would see sessions listed in the program schedule and think “oh, I should totally go to that, it would be really applicable to my job…oh wait.” Because I don’t have that job anymore. So I ended up skipping a lot of sessions I’d normally attend. I tried to go to things that might be relevant to my upcoming studies, but most of those ended up bust–the session I went to about publishing for the profession was really too basic for me (great as an intro, though) and one pane lthat I tried to attend, a panel of graduate student research presenations, not a single presenter showed up. Not the best ALA for me. Oh well.

I did manage to squeeze my way into the back of the room for the Year of Cataloging Research presentation, and I also got to speak to a whopping 8 or so people about using local note fields to recommend library resources. I also got to meet a couple of you blog readers and commenters in the flesh, which is always a treat, so there’s that!

All in all, I always like the in-person aspects of the conference, but this year’s ALA conference left me a little disappointed. Whether it was my perspective or the conference itself, or some combination of both, I don’t know. Not sure about next year, although I have never been to New Orleans…

Susan says:

Oh man, the Year of Cataloging Research presentation was the one I really wanted to see & got there too late for! Have you seen slides or anything from it posted yet?

Ivy says:

I personally haven’t seen anything posted yet, although I haven’t been paying strict attention. I do know that the presenters (and some others as well, I think) have been asked to contribute their presentations/papers/ideas to a special year-of-cataloging-research-themed compilation of Library Resources and Technical Services.

Sorry to have missed you in DC!

Shawne Miksa says:

You may want to try the ASIST conference (Oct in Pittsburgh) and/or the ALISE conference (Jan. in San Diego) for more research-oriented materials. I like ALA but overall it is a huge conference that swallows one whole. ASIST and ALISE are nice and small. ASIST would offer you the most as far as research-oriented presentations, etc. One of the highlights of ALISE is the doctoral student research poster competition.

I’m surprised no one showed up to present at the graduate student research session. One of my students, Karen Snow, presented at Mid-winter at one of those and all presentations were great, except for the one person who had some sort of mental breakdown, screamed at the audience, and stormed out of the room.

It was good to meet you, by the way. Hope to hear all about your studies, etc., coming up.

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