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{January 12, 2010}   a new logo?

I stopped dead in my tracks when I walked into the library this afternoon and saw a student with this backpack at the circulation desk:


She thought it was a little weird that I asked to take a photo of her backpack, but this is a fashion school and the students are kind of used to things like that. I’m not sure where the image comes from and I haven’t yet tried to track it down, but I’m tempted to adopt it as inspiration for a t-shirt or blog theme or button or something else to show the world how I really feel about MARC. In your face!

eta: The bag is Marc by Marc Jacobs, as if I should be surprised.


I must have that backpack. I must.

Hang on…actually, that’s Marc Jacobs’s new logo.

Check it out:

Ivy says:

Yeah, check out the comments here: ‘What does the A stand for?’

Now I know I’m old…

This is glorious and every librarian’s dream.

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