From the catalogs of babes

{January 7, 2010}   disappointing start

What, no one has any cataloging resolutions??  Not a single comment. How disappointing. So much for getting 2010 off to a good start…

Also a little disappointing: I didn’t end up making the LISNews 10 Librarian Blogs to Read in 2010 list. I’m not overly disappointed that my blog, personally, didn’t make the list, but I confess that I’m more than a little disturbed that not a single one of the 10 blogs is a cataloging/cataloger’s blog. There’s one with a technology focus, and there’s one that I particularly enjoy reading that has had some great cataloging-related posts with a very user-centric perspective, but the rest are the usual gamut of academic, public and humorous library topics. Come on, really–Awful Library Books made the 2010 must-read list, but not a single blog about cataloging? And this is the Year of Cataloging Research, for heaven’s sake. That’s not just sad, but also, imo, another example of just how misunderstood and passed-over cataloging is in the library world.

I suppose I should be used to such short shrift by now, yet somehow I continue to plug forward with some strange sort of optimism that things will change.


Gina says:

My cataloging resolution for 2010 is to focus on user-centric procedures & projects to boost findability in our library.

I must admit that the articles I’ve read about user-centered cataloging have been vague about specific actions one can take. But I am committed to listening to the library staff & patrons and acting on the comments and complaints they share.

This means I’m going to attempt to pay more attention to browsing in the library. I’m going to try to be more flexible in applying dewey & also I plan on reclassing a few sections to support browsing.

I will also enhance our records with controlled & uncontrolled data to support the exploration of materials in our collection. This data enhancement will be guided by feedback from our reference & circ staff about the kinds of queries they receive.

Ivy says:

I agree that most articles so far have been vague. I think, though, that’s a product of actual user-based cataloging being a relatively new practice (if not theory). Hopefully we’ll see more (and more specific) writing this year (or next, what with the lags in publishing and all).

I’m just curious, do you have any plans for formal assessment, or just obervational feedback?

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