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{September 17, 2009}   if it’s Thursday, this must be Project Runway

For those of you out there reading who follow fashion as well as cataloging, you probably know that Thursdays are now Project Runway nights. Dedicated followers of the show also know that unlike the previous seasons, the currently-airing season was filmed in downtown Los Angeles, at the “top fashion design school in the city.” Yes, that’s right, folks: season 6 of Project Runway was indeed filmed at my place of work.

Lots of people ask me if we saw the cast and film crew, did we meet the winners, etc. But they never filmed in the main building as far as I know, and never the library. It’s too bad, because I always thought some sort of “librarian makeover” would be a great challenge!

I did, however, unexpectedly appear on the show, in a roundabout sort of way:


Yep, here’s a photo of me hard at work! This is an exterior establishing shot seen in multiple episodes. The square windows above the school sign are the windows to the library workroom. I generally work the night shift, and after 5 or 6 p.m. I’m usually the only one left working in there, so it’s a pretty reasonable assumption that the light on in that window is me, hard at work cataloging books & possibly writing posts for this very blog. Who knew librarianship could lead to a life of such fashion & fame? All that hard work we put into our careers really pays off sometimes. :)


Booker says:

You can give me your autograph if it’ll make you feel better.

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