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{June 17, 2009}   DDC 646 (sewing and clothing construction) upcoming for review

On the recommendation of EPC, we plan to post the sewing and clothing sections of 646 shortly for outside comment.

I, of course,  am very interested in taking a look at the proposed revisions to the 646 schedule, which coveres “sewing, clothing, [and] managemnt of personal and family life.” As a fashion design school, 646 is a significant section of our collection, especially sewing and patternmaking. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to figure out where this information will be posted, when it will be posted, or even how to find out or be notified when and where it will be posted. I left a comment on the blog so hopefully someone will let me know when and how I can access and contribute. I would be kicking myself (and possibly some others) if I let such an appropriate opportunity pass me by.

Ivy says:

Oh, yeah! The DDC editor-in-chief herself contacted me and is excited to have me help out. Whee!

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