From the catalogs of babes

{June 15, 2009}   ebb and flow

I haven’t been writing much for this blog lately. I haven’t been following other library and cataloging blogs as much as I usually do. I’ve pretty much stopped reading AUTOCAT, RADCAT, and the like. I’ve not been very inspired lately nor have I had the energy to write about the few topics that occur to me. I haven’t even decided yet if finding that missing book the other day thrilled me or just made me so much more frustrated that it sat on the wrong shelf for 2 months with no one noticing.

I feel kind of lost and unmotivated at my place of work. Without saying too much, there were basically some promises made to me regarding my position that, for no given reason, were recinded at the last minute. I’ve been frustrated and unmotivated ever since. I still like my work, I like what I do–I even, for the most part, like the place where I do it, the school environment, the subject focus, the students, the faculty, and most of my co-workers. I’m just finding it hard to invest a lot of effort in setting a fancy table when at any moment the tablecloth might be yanked out from underneath, you know?

I hope its not terribly uncouth of me to say such things. I do feel a little strange posting this kind of thing on a “professional” blog, but hey, the profession isn’t always sunshine and lollipops. It’s all just a cycle–sometimes it’s up, and sometimes it’s down. I’m in a ebb tibe right now. I came back from Midwinter very inspired and full of ideas, but who can hold such a high state of energy 24/7? It waxes and it wanes, and that alone leaves me with hope that things will turn back up again soon. I’m not worried. I’m already getting excited about going to ALA in Chicago, so I know the upswing is beginning to start again. Plus, it’s always just a matter of time before I get so bored with the day-to-day mundane cataloging duties that I start pondering innovative projects and ideas again…


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