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{April 9, 2009}   trade shows

So. Trade shows.

Trade shows   (May Subd Geog)  [R S D]
[T391-995]  [B L S D]
Here are entered works on exhibitions or public displays where merchandise of particular industries is shown to customers or persons engaged in the same trade.
UF  Industrial exhibitions
  Trade expositions
  Trade fairs

We get a lot of materials about trade shows. Shows for textiles, fashion, apparel manufacturing, all kinds of good stuff. Lots of directories and calendars and what not. frequently consulted, and all unique in their own way.

Is there really no way to subdivide the LCSH “Trade shows” by industry? I mean, really: how can you specify in the scope notes “merchandise of particular industries” without allowing for any way to indicate those particular industries?

I assume this is akin to the tv/film/theatre costume conundrum, where most libraries would be served just fine by using a combination of multiple headings to describe the material. And once again I am left with the decision whether to staunchly adhere to the regulations put forth by the almighty LC on high, or to buck the rules and do what seems to better benefit patrons, even knowing that it widens the crack in the dam a little more every time?


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