From the catalogs of babes

{March 6, 2009}   stupid question time

Okay, call me stupid, but is there really no LC subject heading that covers the concept of non-western art? I can find headings for indiviudal movements/regions (i.e., “Art, East Asian”; “Art, Middle Eastern”) but none show any broader terms. When I look up similar books in other library catalogs, they either list each individual movement or they use the generic “Art–History.” “Art” can apparently be subdivided geographically, but I’m not sure how that would work: “Art–Eastern Hemisphere”? And of course, not a single one of the examples in SCM 1250 apply to general works on non-Western art.

I know some of all y’all out there must be more familar with the art headings than I am. Any tips?

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