From the catalogs of babes

{January 21, 2009}   $biblios?

I thought David Bigwood of Catalogablog had quite possibly the best take on the new open source community cataloging tool, ‡

I’ll have to look up how to get those double daggers. Including a non-keyboard symbol in a product name might not be the best idea.

Indeed. So why are we still using it in our catalog records?


Well, not all of are. My cataloging tools display a $ for subfield markers. Terry Reese’s MarcEdit uses $ also. We can’t afford OCLC so I’ve not idea what the big kids are using, but none of my tools use that double dagger.

gina says:

It’s the double daggers in Connexion, but once we import into millennium it’s converted to the pipe.

Ivy says:

Interestingly enough, I think both of your examples illustrate my point: if we can move away from the double dagger because it’s physically impractical, why should we not move away from other traditions when they become impractical and obsolete as well?

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