From the catalogs of babes

{January 13, 2009}   we interrupt our regularly scheduled ranting

I’m superceding today’s rant to bring you public service announcement: we have an open position at our library in Los Angeleswe need to fill, and I have a strange hope that someone reading this blog might be interested. Full disclaimer: it’s a paraprofessional position, not a professional librarian job, but it’s a decent job, working with magazines and other serials.

In today’s economic climate jobs can be hard to find. I keep reading everywhere about library closures and layoffs. I’m constantly surprised at how little our school seems to be affected by such recessions (knock on wood). Here we are, a private trade school for the fashion industry–you’d think that people would be hesitant to spend such a large amount of money on tuition for a degree that may or may not be of any actual benefit in an industry that by its very nature seems so frivolous that it should be on of the first things people stop supporting, rather than the last. Yet I’ve been here 3 years and enrollment has done nothing but rise. I sometimes worry that it’s merely a delayed reaction, and we’ll take the full brunt of this hit a few years down the line. But part of me wonders if the reason people support and strive to study fashion isn’t so much the logical progression of degree–>job, but rather a dream, a fantasy, and that’s something that can never die.

I won’t lie–we’re a crazy sort of dysfunctional family in our library, with a unique set of characteristics in our patrons that I’ve yet to encounter all together anywhere else. The pay ain’t spectacular–find me a library where it is (and maybe I’ll apply there, ha!)–but it’s decent, and there are lots of other unoffical benefits. And heck, it’s a job, which is more than some people have these days.  I’m not in charge of hiring for this position, but I’d love to have someone with some bit of cataloging background; doesn’t have to be a lot. Library science students are definitely encouraged to apply.

If you’re seriously interested, please send your resume and a cover letter to the email address in the link. Feel free to say you saw it posted here.


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